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Growing food with the community for the community

10:00 - 16:00
Friday at Stockbridge
14:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday

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More News!

More News!

We have been mentioned again in the news! Check it out! https://www.knowsleynews.co.uk/court-hey-parks-incredible-transformation

Knowsley Business Awards

Knowsley Business Awards

We have been nominated for Corporate social Responsibility Knowsley Business Award! The event will be held on 21st November

Check Us Out In The News

Check Us Out In The News

We have been mentioned in various news articles. Please feel free to have a read - links below! https://www.knowsleynews.co.uk/help-grow-community-garden/ https://www.knowsleynews.co.uk/knowsley-better-together-in-action-incredible-edible/…

Short Story About Incredible Edible

Karen Mower - Director


We started our Incredible journey at Huyton Resource under Knowsley Community Hub. Our open day on 16th August 2018 was a great success with a good turn out from the community and other organisations and services.

It was here at the Centre that we began to work with adults with learning difficulties and disabilities and we saw how much they benefited from the project being involved in the garden growing food, weeding, painting etc.

Our project here has just gone from strength to strength and we couldn’t thank Knowsley Council enough for all the support that they have provided with our project.

Groups who attend the Centre will now be taking over the garden with Incredible Edible Knowsley supporting them.

Our Aims

Reduce Food Poverty

Growing food with the community for the community across the borough and making it free for everyone. It's far cheaper to buy a packet of seeds and grow your own!

Reduce Isolation & Loneliness

The project is also about coming together, supporting each other, making new friendships and having fun. If you fancy just coming along for a brew and a chat, then come along, you're more than welcome.

Improve Health & Wellbeing

Being out in the garden has so many benefits to your health & wellbeing. It benefits your physical & mental health, fresh food grown in the ground, chemical free is not only much better for your health but it tastes much better. It encourages young people to eat veg - if theyve grown it, they are going to want to eat it. It has all round holistic benefits. We also work with individuals who need support using a person centred approach and therapeutic horticulture

Improve The Environment

Working on unloved patches of land growing food improves not only the look but the soil, it encourages wildlife that benefits the environment such as bees.

To Educate

We work with and support each other by sharing skills and learning from each other. We teach people how to grow food from seedling to harvest and how to do this without using chemicals.

Therapeutic Horticulture

We work with Adult Social Care and other services to provide a person centred approach by using therapeutic horticulture to individuals needing support.

About Us

We grow food with the community for the community and the good we grow is free for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

No anyone can volunteer, whether you're a complete novice or an expert, everyone is welcome. We learn from each other.
Yes, we are always looking for places to start planting out our seeds and seedlings. We just need you the community to help us to look after the area. If you know of any areas and you and others would like to get involved let us know. We will do our best to support this
Yes this project is for everyone. As long as you are willing to look after and take responsibility for your children we more than welcome this. It's good for children and young people to learn where food comes from, how it is grown and see the seeds growing into something they can then eat. We think it will also encourage young people to eat their vegetables.


You're in Good Hands

The Disability Confident scheme supports us so that we can make the most of the talents that disabled people can bring to the workplace.