Court Hey Work

We have now moved into Court Hey Park and work has began to prepare for the area for growing. We have lots of plans and some of them plans are to keep wildflowers so that we are keeping a part of the heritage of the site and it is also good for biodiversity.

We will look at repairing the poly tunnels in January and both poly tunnels will be then used to start the seedlings off which will then be planted aout across Knowsley so that as many people across Knowsley can benefit from free fresh food.

We plan to build an outdoor kitchen and classroom and will provide workshops for people in which we will show you different ways in how you can cook the veg and fruit grown. Free veg boxes will be given out along with recipe cards.

We hope to have Court Hey as a fresh food, food bank and when food is ready we will make announcments to the community letting you know when the food is ready for collection.

Courses will be provided and there is many volunteering opportunities up here at Court Hey. If you are interested then please get in touch. We are looking for people to volunteer in

  • The growing side of the project
  • Building & maintenance
  • Admin
  • Events & fundraising
  • Cooking
  • Trainers

If you are looking to start a group and wuld like some support, we are more than happy to help

Court Hey Before
Before work started
Court Hey After
After everyone had worked very hard sorting out all the mess
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Court Hey Continuous Improvements
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