Community Action Day

Community Action Day

This was

Tuesday 3rd March from 9.30am -4pm

It was organised by

Councillors Colin Dever, Graham Morgan and Margaret Harvey

Incredible Edible Knowsley with their team of wonderful volunteers spent weeks preparing and organising for the day up at Court Hey Park along with the Councillors named above and some staff from Knowsley Council – especially Graeme Forsyth (Communities/adult social care team) and Chris Birtles (Environmental team based at Court Hey Park).

Supported by

Friends of Court Hey Park, Councillors Hughie Malone, Chris and Kevin Bannon and some staff from Knowsley Council

Organisation who were involved on the day are:

  • Alt bank
  • Atkins
  • Barclays bank
  • Community payback
  • Court Hey Methodist Church
  • Crime and communities
  • Faiths4change
  • Huyton Lane garage
  • IDverde
  • KHT/Vivark
  • Kimptons
  • Knowsley works
  • Myerscough College
  • Natwest bank
  • Oneknowsley
  • SSE
  • St Barts church volunteers
  • Tarmac

The costs of social value for this day so far was an amazing £377,700.00 and was kindly calcualted by KHT. This amazing figure just shows what organisation, communities and services can do when they come together. This is a brilliant example of Knowsley, Working Better Together

What was achieved on the day

Because of all these brilliant organisations coming together it now means that our community project is months ahead of schedual and we can now begin starting seedlings off earlier than what we thought, to plant out across the Borough. The work that was achieved here was amazing and we feel so honoured and proud to be a part of something like this.

Our large poly tunnel has now been reskinned which means we have a huge area in which to grow in and start seedlings off, because of this day we had the man power to do this as it takes a lot of hands to reskin a poly tunnel of this size. The foods grown here will be given out to the community for free and can now be achieved much sooner.

Both poly tunnels have now had water irrigation systems installed which will make such a huge difference to growing and looking after the foods growing. If it wasnt for this day we would not have this system installed probably not for another year.

We had a large team painting raised beds and shelving that are for the large poly tunnel. Over 50 raised beds were painted that day and a large amount of shelving. This would have taken us months to do and would have taken us away from other jobs that we can now do- such as growing the food.

We had another large team clearing out the compost bays and turning over compost as well as bringing in compost from the park into the compost bays. This takes a lot of physical hard work and I have no doubts there would have been a lot of aching muscles the following day after this acitivity, Again this saved us months of hard work as it is very time consuming.

Clearing up and weeding on site was done along with more painting around site.

A tyre wall was built which we will plant up with flowers that will attract more bee’s on site.

Railing have been cleaned ready to grow peas and beans along.

Tarmacing outisde of the poly tunnel means that this makes it more accesible for people wanting to attend site who are in wheelchairs. If it wasnt for this community day we probably would have been waiting another six months before this could have been achieved.

More work is still being done on site by these orgainsations and I cannot put into words just how much this means to us. These organisations have been absolutely fantstic, we have had positive feedback from the organisations and requests for more community action days like this.

We plan to have another community action day at the end of July and we are now working with Councillors Graham Morgan, Colin Dever, Margaret Harvey, Hughie Malone, Chris and Kevin Bannon, Friends of Court Hey, Flower show committee and Knowsley Council to organise this day.

Anybody wanting to get involved in July please contact me on 


Community Action Day
Increible Edible Knowsley's director Peter Boyle and their volunteers reskinning the large poly tunnel with SSE, Barclay's Bank and KHT.